Thursday, September 5, 2013

Six Steps To Effective B2B Lead Generation

Six Steps To Effective B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation plays a very important role in keeping your business afloat. After all, this is the one way for you to get more B2B leads coming into your company. Mind you, finding, generating, and nurturing sales leads are not an episodic process.

While most think that getting the contact details of telemarketing prospects is enough, this is not true. In fact, this is just the first step of the marketing process. You need to go through the entire marketing process for you and your team to successfully get the sales prospects to say yes to a deal with you.

To be honest, you ought to know the six steps of successful B2B lead generation.

Step one: Inform When you give your prospects a telemarketing call, you tell them about your purpose for calling. Usually, this is the point where they tell you know and hang-up. But this is also the point where all your sales skills will be most needed. On the average, you only have ten seconds to engage your prospects. It a test of true marketing skills if you can keep your business prospects focused on you longer.

Step two: Educate If you were able to convince your prospects not to hang-up, congratulations, you have just gotten closer to your goal. At this point, you will have to explain to them what your business is all about, as well as tell them what you can do for them. Focus on the benefits. That will really grab their attention.

Step three: Involve Here, your job is to get them involved in the conversation. Ask them questions, like what are the problems they faced, what solutions they have or are using, who provided that solution, etc. Let them talk so you can learn how you can help them better. This will encourage them to open up to you.

Step four: Validate At this point, you have probably gotten a fairly good idea what the problem is. You can offer them that solution you think is best. Still, you have to know first whether they will be your immediate customers, future buyers, or probably an interested third-party. Qualifying them is important, since once you know where you are in the B2B lead generation process, then you can proceed to step five.

Step five: Convert Conversion of sales leads is, so to speak, the acid test of many marketers. How you can convince them to buy or sign up to your service will depend on your ability to sell. Mind you, this is not that hard, since this is how it will end if you properly followed the four previous steps.

Step six: Maintain. Now this is the challenge, how you can keep your current customer happy and not leave for the competition. And there are many ways to do that. You just have to choose the strategy that works, as well as keep in constant communication with each other.

Really, as long as you follow these six steps, your B2B lead generation campaign will end well.

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