Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Telemarketing At Home? Why Should We Allow It?

Working remotely from home can be a real blessing for businesses with logistical issues. Just think of the convenience of working in the comforts in your own home, coordinate with colleagues from the other side of the coast, and not worry about being late to the office. For the single parents, they can get their work done while watching over their kids. But what about those involved in telemarketing? Will this set-up work well with them? Can this set up help improve their ability to generate B2B leads? These are just some questions that can affect your decision to migrate (or augment) your workforce with a home-based team. But how would you know if this is the right fit for your firm?

Are you only after results?
If you are the type of person who does not care what your people do, as long as they deliver their work, then working at home might be a good set-up for your appointment setting team. If you are also concerned with every move your employees make, then this is will not do well for your mindset.

Can it be done at home?
There are different kinds of work that an employee might be assigned to do, but the real clincher in the home-based deal is data security. If all you do is admin chores, then this might be it. But if you handle lead generation campaigns with sensitive data; an engineering or software project that requires specialized equipment; or brain-storming sessions that need close interaction with colleagues; then you might need to have an actual office to stay.

Are your employees also working outside of the office?
Depending on the volume of work, the kind of sales leads being nurtured, as well as the time required to deal with the work. Letting your employees work in their homes saves them time from shuttling to and from work. It will also let them concentrate more on what they do more profitably. You just might have to arrange for a practical and reliable work schedule to touch base with your home-based sales team.

How willing are your people to work from home?
That is the final, as well as the most important, question that you have to answer. Even after extolling all the benefits of home-based work, if your employees are not receptive to that idea, then this set-up will not work well with your business. There is also the issue of work-life balance. Some employees prefer working in an office, since they can leave it there once their shift is over. Besides, some fear that their productivity will be affected by noisy children or domestic chores that they have to deal with once they are at home.

Working from home is not really a bad business strategy but it will depend on whether a company and the people working for it are willing to make a change. This could help you in your telemarketing campaign, but you have to make sure that you satisfy the questions stated above.

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