Thursday, July 11, 2013

Telemarketing 101: Helpful Tips To Save Time

How does it feel to exhaust your time and energy to someone that is actually not the person you are looking for? Perhaps, it is depressing, frustrating and boiling your temper. What if you are a telemarketer and you didn't reach your quota because of that? Somehow, the hurt doubles. It is therefore necessary to know some practical tips for an effective telemarketing, be it appointment setting or outbound telemarketing. The following list does not only save time but it also make your efforts fruitful.

Here are the ways:

1. Reach the decision maker.
Sometimes, businesses employ gatekeepers to receive phone calls. It is then a primary duty to reach for the decision maker. Take only a brief chat with a receptionist or an attendant and ask directly to transfer the call to who is the boss of the company.

Upon talking with your target sales lead, hand out information that is relevant to the decision-maker. Moreover, keep in touch with him/her to keep the interest level high.

2. Be straightforward and ask only relevant queries.
It will do no good to keep on blabbering about things that do not have any bearing to your company and to the sales prospect. You will not only waste your time but also the prospect's time. Be direct but do not push for the sale. Do not tell half-truth and half-lie nor things that are too personal. Ask only questions relative to the products and/or services you are selling. While having a conversation, build a healthy relationship with the customer.

3. Ask for an appointment. 
If the prospect is showing interest, it is ripe to set up an appointment. Give your customers options to choose from. After which, inform the company's sales representatives.

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  1. Thank you very much, I found this very informative, do you think telemarketing can be used in the teaching and education sector?