Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Five Telemarketing Myths To Be Busted

The Five Telemarketing Myths To Be Busted

The funny thing about marketing, especially where telemarketing is involved, is that we tend to believe a myriad of things. While some may make perfect sense in our B2B lead generation efforts, there are just some things that you really have to get rid of. And that includes those persistent myths which never fail to mess up your campaigns. While these myths have been around for so long that you may think of them as real, practical applications in life and work will make you realize these really do not work. And in terms of B2B leads, you will have to get rid of them. Now, what are these myths that could ruin you?

The customer is always right – this paragon of customer service principles may sound so right, but you must realize that this is way too disadvantageous to your customers. You should know just where to draw the line on what you can deliver, since there are some customers who love to push things to your limits. Do not let them dictate what you should do. Be firm and tell them what you can or cannot provide them.

The customers know what they want – all this time in B2B appointment setting campaigns, if there is anything I have learned here, it is that customers never really know what they need. Sure, they may have that nagging feeling that they are missing something, but they can never really quite point it out. Your job is to clarify the details, and see to it that you can deliver whatever request that they make from you (as long as it is within regulations). Apple, Inc. did that, so you can see that they were onto something.

All customers are potential sales leads – really, do all marketers have that in mind? To tell you the truth, not everyone that answers your calls will become your buyers. Indeed, you have to decide whether the person you are talking to is worth your time and effort, or maybe decide when to walk away. It is your call.

Do not take ‘no’ for an answer – this has resulted to many complaints from business prospects that have often fallen victim to overly zealous or aggressive marketers. Actually, there is nothing wrong about being aggressive. It is doing things a bit too much that caused trouble for business. And if you want to avoid that same hassle in your own marketing campaign, you had better be able to identify who are your most receptive prospects and keep away from those who do not.

The best sales people are extroverts – selling is not just putting on a bright smile and interacting with business prospects. It is also about communicating effectively to your B2B leads prospects. Anyone can do that, really. Even introverts can achieve these same goals, even if the methods are different. They just know which marketing tools to use.

Really, you should discard of these damaging beliefs, if you want to ensure the continued success of your lead generation campaigns.

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