Saturday, July 6, 2013

Telemarketing as Lead Generation

Telemarketing is a marketing operation using the telephone. There are two kinds of telemarketing, the inbound, and the outbound. The inbound calls usually come from the leads that are searching for more information about the business, asking questions, and confirmations; in short this call is from the outside going inside. On the other hand, outbound calls are from the company itself to the potential business leads, in which the telemarketers are calling the leads to introduce their services. Many refer this as “cold calls,” that is one reason why this becomes less effective, because they tend to interpret it literally. Why don’t try changing that idea? Why don’t use those “cold calls” in a positive way by setting into minds that calls are one way of business introduction for the leads to be aware and that would in the end lead them hook in doing business.

Like other lead generation strategies, objective setting should always be put before anything else. Before calling, it should always be remembered that one must be full-packed with information that would be given out to the business leads and of course should always be ready to answer their unexpected questions. Another thing to consider is the list of potential leads with their complete information is certainly needed. In this way, the telemarketers would not find it hard looking and searching somewhere else. It should also be taken note that before calling, one should make sure that they have all the data of the prospective leads they are about to talk to; it would become a great advantage to make an easy deal with them.

Telemarketers have big chances to get the potential b2b leads if they are only confident and knowledgeable enough to talk about their companies, and show their expertise by giving and explaining every detail that would benefit the leads. There is also a need to emphasize the good results that they would immediately see after saying yes to an appointment or to a sale.

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