Wednesday, October 16, 2013

B2B Telemarketing and dating - Are there similarities?

B2B Telemarketing and dating - Are there similarities?

The cliché of comparing love and relationships to any other unrelated human endeavor has been used and abused mercilessly by bloggers, book authors, public speakers and even memes. But no matter how commonplace these supposed associations are, its real essence doesn’t get old.

(Spoiler: this article is not any different.)

Even in B2B Telemarketing, love flourishes. The similarities should not come as a surprise to anyone though – after all, they’re both an interaction between two people and in both cases, its fate will always depend on how they treat each other.

So if you’re a budding telemarketer, always remember to treat your prospects as though they’re someone you’re dating:

Follow the social dating rules

When you've just met someone at a bar, the rule of thumb is to not bar banter. Don’t spend most of the time talking about how awesome you are. Don’t do all the talking while your partner stares at you like an impassive goat. Don’t talk so loud that your stories are being broadcasted to everyone around you. In short, don’t smother your date. The same goes with B2B telemarketing. On the initial “date” it should always be about the prospects: what they do, what they need, and what they want to achieve.

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Wear your best dress on each date

You need to put your best foot forward during every encounter, and that means your clothes should be at its best, too. But make sure it’s also appropriate – you don’t need to be in a tuxedo when your date is at Seven-Eleven. And while prospects don’t see your dress during a telemarketing call, the concept is the same. Wear a sense of professionalism and pride in what you do. Talk like one, respond like one. Prospects always know whether they’re talking to neophytes or seasoned veterans.

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Make your intentions clear

During a date, the worst thing you can do is send the wrong signals to your partner. Make sure that you’re making them feel at ease, and that there’s nothing to worry about while you’re around. When talking to prospects, clearly convey your purpose. Don’t drag them around in circles only for them to find out (much) later that you’re just selling something. Make sure you both are in the same page to avoid misunderstanding down the road.

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Keep it simple but romantic

Dinner’s done, and now it’s time for the cheesy words. You can do it straightforward or the Shakespearean way; whatever it is, keep it real and simple. Target their soft spots. Acknowledge their emotions and show a sincere desire to listen and help. Prospects, as long as you tickle the right spots, can be suckers for sweet talk, and when they do take a bite, be prepared to walk the talk.

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