Monday, August 13, 2012

Don’t Be Too Pushy With Your B2B Telemarketing Campaigns

B2b telemarketers who become too pushy during an appointment setting or telemarketing campaign are not effective sales people at all. They only push a prospect away, even if they were qualified b2b sales leads.

To be effective an effective sales person, especially when telemarketing, you have to avoid being too pushy. But of course, we all need to make the sale, so what do you do? Be more persistent! A person who is too pushy disregards the rights of his prospects to get what he wants, but a persistent person endures despite countless rejections while always giving due respect. When your b2b sales leads tell you that they are not interested about your offer, tell them: "Ok, I understand." You may then add: "Would it be alright to get in touch with you again next week?" or "Would you tell me what about our offer did you not particularly like?" Asking the last question will greatly help you improve your telemarketing script and do a better b2b telemarketing campaign in the future.

When avoiding being too pushy, be careful not to be too soft either, or you won't be able to close any sale. There are amateur sales people and untrained b2b telemarketers who are afraid of being too pushy that they let go of a lot of qualified business sales leads that are handed to them, losing their company hundreds of business opportunities every day. Knowing the difference of being too pushy and being persistent is the secret of successfully converting all your qualified b2b sales leads.

To get the most of your telemarketing campaigns, hire properly trained b2b telemarketers from a professional telemarketing company so that you can always convert your business sales leads.

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