Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Is Telemarketing Bad For Business?

Let us face it: telemarketing is not really our beloved marketing tool. We only need to look in the internet, search ‘bad telemarketing’ and you will see pages upon pages of woes from customers. Really, this is an activity that has caused a lot of pain for promoters. Sure, it can reach out to a lot of customers, but the sheer negative reaction one receives when they do telemarketing calls gives marketers less reasons to do it. It cannot be helped. Unless someone makes the necessary changes in the way this communication tool is used, then nothing good will come out of such a campaign.

You see, the thing about telemarketing here is that this tool has been long overused (more like abused, to be honest). Sure, giving business prospects a call is a very attractive and direct way to generate more customers and clients for you, but some marketers (especially those too focused on the numbers) that use more aggressive means to get in touch with business prospects. Most of the time, they do it in extreme ways, now that causes the headaches. I mean, who wants to receive telemarketers during dinner, in the middle of the night, or perhaps during the middle of the day? That is a real pain, to be honest with you. And that is one sure way to anger business prospects.

Telemarketing is bad for business – only if it is not used correctly and with discipline. 

Yes, you need to reach your goals and make a sale, but if it begins to irritate those whom you want to do business with, then you are not going to achieve anything at all. That is the risk of using only one marketing tool for the job. What is sad about this entire issue is that a lot of business owners, indeed, even the marketers that work for them, do not realize that. For them, they think that using one communication medium to reach prospects is good enough. What they do not know about is that marketing is a multi-prong approach. If you want to get more sales, you need to cast your nets wide. And they may not all come from a single net.

That is the secret of success for other companies’ marketing campaigns. When you use several points of contact to reach your audience, like Facebook for social media marketing, Google for search engine optimization of your website, email, etc. not just the phone, you increase your presence in the minds of your prospects. And you do that in a more positive manner. I mean, your prospects can reach you in almost all contact points. You do not have to concentrate on only one point of communication. All you need to do is to make sure each tool you use matches the kind of business you have, as well as the kind of working environment you thrive in.

Just keep this in mind when creating your marketing plan. Telemarketing is good for conversation and conversion of business leads. It only goes bad when you use it too much.

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